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Diggers Garden Club Board of Directors 2023-2025

Executive Committee
President Athena Wood
Vice President/Programs Yvonne Zaro
Secretary Connie Harding
Treasurer Megan Foker
Past President Lisa Evans
Committee Chairpersons
Auction Chairs Angela Loewel
Kristin Poulsen
Awards, Founder’s Fund Marcia Albrecht
Digger’s Dirt Page Haralambos
GCA Bulletin Mary Blodgett
GCA Club Administrator Afrida King
Photographer/Annual Book Sally Miller
Roster Marianne Lynch
Web Mistress Gwen Babcock
Conservation Carlin McCarthy
Endowment Debbe Booth
Flower Show Nena Brogan
Judging Cathy Tosetti
Garden History & Design Susan Babcock
Historian & Librarian Bette Cooper
Horticulture Alfrida King
Membership Liz Gilfillan
Nominating Lisa Evans
Old Mill Adrienne Kreindler
Nancy McGowen
Scholarship Cathy Tosetti
Visiting Gardens Judy McDonald
Ways & Means/Boutique
Ways and Means/Scrip
Annie Babcock
Clare Tayback